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Woltman Group, PC: What’s in a name?

Woltman Group PC is the name that we have rallied around as we solidified our staff and business offerings under one flag. Our name change has been an occasion for the staff to renew commitments to our clients and each other. With the name, we honor our founder Randy Woltman and the acquisitions and mergers that brought our 10 shareholders together, along with our remarkable staff. Flying under the Woltman Group PC banner we pledge to continue to provide the highest professional standards and personalized accounting to the Sioux Falls community.

There has been some confusion with our clients as to what our name is and what to call us. Some still remember the previous business name of their accountant and we understand that confusion. We apologize for any misunderstandings or confusion about our name. We will establish Woltman Group PC as the most recognizable name and finest reputation for accounting services in the region.

A lot of pride comes with assembling a team that is fully committed to the financial futures of their clients. It may be a cliché to say that our team is like a family, but in our case it truly is. We come from a variety of backgrounds. Some of us have been in the accounting business for the entirety of our professional careers; some are in the early stages of their careers. Some of us have been educators; we proudly recruit from many business backgrounds to ensure we have a global real world perspective on advising our clients. No matter where we came from, the mission at Woltman Group PC will always remain the same: provide the best possible expertise and financial guidance to each and every one of our clients.

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Written by: Melissa Ebbing, CPA Melissa is a licensed certified public accountant. With more than 10 years of public account experience, she works in various roles at Woltman Group PC. She is Read more...

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