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Advantage Magazine Sept-Oct 2017

Woltman Group, PC is pleased to announce our new monthly magazine, Advantage. Here is our first issue and we’ve highlighted some articles that we think you’ll enjoy!

Easy Tips to Rev Up Your Retail Business | There’s no reason to wait until the holiday season to rev up your retail business—start now with these tips. READ ARTICLE

Taming the College Cash Crunch | Tuition is just the beginning…we share ways to help alleviate the college cash crunch. READ ARTICLE

Key Metrics for Every Entrepreneur | For many entrepreneurs, discerning which data points to track can be challenging. We provide some solid guidance. READ ARTICLE

Perfecting the Customer Experience | Here are new and innovative ways to stand out from the crowd. LINK TO ARTICLE

Plus there are many other exciting features including:

Life & Living | America’s Spookiest Haunts. Looking for a cool Halloween-inspired getaway? Start with this list of spooky spaces across America. LINK TO ARTICLE

Mind Flex | United Sweets of America. We’re sharing’s list of America’s Favorite Halloween Candy to help you make the right sweet selections. LINK TO ARTICLE

Enjoy the new issue!

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