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Advantage Magazine-How to Stop Financial Fights

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9 Ways to Spend Wisely

 Put these goals on your financial to-do list to help you use extra money you may have now, or in the future, wisely.

You Bought What?! How to Stop Financial Fights

When it comes to money, many couples run into problems, which often stem from differing financial views. Here’s how to stop them.

Financing College on the Fly 

If you find yourself having to pay for college without savings to draw from, these tips can help.

Communication Styles 101

Learn how four common communication styles manifest in the workplace and how you can work effectively with colleagues who use them.


Plus there are many other exciting features including:

Life & Living | Foods That Heal. Anti-inflammatory diets are going mainstream. See how this type of diet can help you.

Mind Flex | Optimal Outsourcing. Use these tips to help you free your time to focus on key operations—and spend less time at work!

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