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On Your Mark, Get Set—GO File Your Taxes! |This checklist will help you gather what you need to make this tax season smoother and stress-free.


Trend Alert! Propel Your Business Forward | Here’s what’s on the horizon in the market and how your business can respond:


Science-based Ways to Banish the Winter Blues | If you tend to feel down after the holidays—you’re not alone. Kick the winter blues with these scientifically proven ways to improve your outlook.



Want to Eat More Healthfully? Try Clean Eating | Consuming minimally processed foods may allow you to achieve your dietary goals more easily.



Plus, there are many other exciting features including:



From the Firm | Power Up for the New Year | 2019 is here, and it will likely fly by just as past years have. This means it’s time to hit the ground running in order to tackle all that lies ahead.

Life & Living | The Gentle Art of Re-gifting | Re-gifting can be a win-win: You rid your home of unneeded items, while others put them to good use. Here’s how to do it gracefully!


Mind Flex | Perk Up with Our Coffee Quiz | Whether you’re a beginner-level java drinker or a seasoned barista, perk up your day with a little fun and informative coffee trivia.


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