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Advantage Magazine-Investing your tax refund.



Investing your tax refund in home improvements|
Enhance your own enjoyment of your home while adding to resale value with these easy DIY home improvement ideas.

Tools to help you build your own app | Ready to develop your own business or personal app? You can with these handy solutions!

Make the most of a financial windfall | Before spending that “found” money, consider our list of tips to avoid issues down the road.

Take your picnic to the next level | Before you head out for a relaxing day outdoors, pack a few of these cool picnic accessories to enhance the experience.

Plus, there are many more exciting features including:

Mind Flex | Trivia for your summer road trip. Take our summer-centric quiz on your next road trip to add a little fun and learning while driving.

Life & Living | From good to great…The best grad gifts. Don’t know what to buy for a new college grad? Refer to our list for some practical and thoughtful gift ideas.

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