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Foundation is Built on Trust

At Midwestern Mechanical, Woltman Group is part of the family.

When your company grows from a startup to a small business, there is some added complexity around taxes and financial planning. When your company grows from a small business to a large business, the financial and tax concerns become even more complex. Accountants with high integrity with broad business experience should perform a job of that magnitude. The choice of Woltman PC Group was clear for Dwayne Klarenbeek, CEO of Midwestern Mechanical.

“We’ve always been with [Woltman Group] because they never gave us a reason to leave—not even close,” Dwayne says when asked about Midwestern Mechanicals history and work relationship with Woltman Group PC. “Their pricing is always competitive. If you’re in a competitive market, when it comes to my books, money isn’t always the issue. It’s how clean they are with the kind of service they have and how trustworthy they are in providing it.”

For over 25 years, Dwayne and his team have trusted the CPAs of Woltman Group PC with their tax handlings. Since then, Eric DeHaan, a shareholder at Woltman Group PC, has become an essential part of the Midwestern Mechanical team.

“What strikes me about Eric is that he’s always extremely honest, has high integrity, and is always very eager to please,” Dwayne says. “Put it this way, we truly think of Eric as part of the family here. Over the years, we have acquired a couple additional companies and some LLPs. He was very instrumental in making sure that we did everything correctly in setting up the corporation. Whenever a particular accounting transaction comes up,” he continues, “I can simply give him a call. He’ll walk us through it and offer expert advice.”