Betsy Cook Client Accounting Administrative Assistant

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Betsy is responsible for the bookkeeping and payrolls for many of our clients, as well as preparing quarterly payroll reports, worker’s compensation audits, and sales tax reports.

Having a tender heart, Betsy says that if she weren’t working as an accountant, she would be working for a non-profit organization dedicated to helping children who are victims of abuse. Being a social person, one of the most rewarding aspects of Betsy’s position is that she is able to be around a variety of great people and personalities on a daily basis, many of which have turned into friendships.

I feel I offer clients a friendly face and an understanding and helpful voice. I strive to make them as comfortable with me as possible as the work I do for them involves a lot of trust between the client and myself. I can be laid back and joke with the client as well as be serious and focused when necessary. I feel I have a very strong and professional relationship with all of my payroll and bookkeeping clients.

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