Joyce Whitney Document Imaging Specialist

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At Woltman Group, PC we have undergone many advancements to our firm’s software. This led to the creation of a new position, Document Imaging Specialist. Joyce Whitney joined our firm in January of 2017. Joyce’s main responsibility is to handle our new tax program, SurePrep. Joyce is in charge of verifying all incoming tax documents and embedding them into the new software. Joyce’s attention to detail and devotion to help our preparers has made her a valuable asset to the Woltman Group team.

I have experience in many different areas but I find that the role of Document Imaging Specialist a very important role. It needs to be done with as much accuracy as possible and is very vital to the outcome of the client’s return and the firms time management. At times, the position can be stressful but the encouragement of my teammates has motivated me to see my position in a different light and has helped ease the stress.

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