Nicole Tamisiea, CPA Accountant

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With more than 12 years of bookkeeping experience and 10 years of payroll experience, Nicole joined Woltman Group, PC, in 2015. Her responsibilities include preparing payrolls, payroll reports, sales tax reports, financial statements and tax returns. She also performs other various bookkeeping functions.

For Nicole, the Woltman advantage is spending the time to really get to know our clients and building lasting relationships with them so we can provide quality service that meets their needs and wants.

Working at Woltman Group has changed me as a person by helping me to think more outside the box. With the amount of staff we have, there are many different thoughts and ideas on how to approach the day-to-day work. Working here has made me sit back and think “Is there a better way to do this and still come to the same if not better result while still giving the client what the need?

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